Wave Foundation
Inclusive Finance, Livelihood & Renewable Energy
Community Climate Resilience Program

Projects<b>Coastal Livelihoods Adaptation Project-CLAP</b><br>The overall goal of the project is the livelihoods and means of production of the vulnerable population in selected communities have been rehabilitated with disaster-preventive measures and the climate-induced vulnerability of the population has been sustainably reduced. Objectives of the project are climate-resilient agricultural production systems and income-generating measures facilitated and promoted among targeted population, livelihoods and means of production&nbsp;prioritized and restored through non-farm&nbsp;initiatives, targeted&nbsp;population well protected&nbsp;and managed to response climatic induced&nbsp;disasters &amp; disaster prevention and disaster risk management introduced&nbsp;in targeted schools with clear focus on Climate Change Adaptation. The project is implemented in Patuakhali district with the support from GIZ.<br><b><br>Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, Leadership and Learning-REE-CALL</b><br>The purpose of the project is, a total of 4000 economically extreme poor households graduated from the shocks and challenges of extreme poverty by 2014. The project has been implemented to restore and develop the livelihood and climate resilient community. The activities are targeted to facilitate the formation and functioning of 400 CBO, involvement of targeted households with IGA, alternative livelihood and increased income and capacity enhancement of the communities in terms of disaster preparedness, response and adaptability with the impact of climate change. It also intends to capture the local experience from the project and inform national policy dialogue and simultaneously the extreme poor are able to access services from the government and service providers. The project is implemented in most affected unions of Patuakhali Sadar upazilla under Patuakhali district. DFID-SHIREE through Oxfam supports the project.<br><br><b>Community Based Climate Adaptation Project-CBCAP </b><br>The project goal is to enhance climate resilience of the vulnerable communities. The activities are targeted to practice adaptation options against possible impacts of climate change of the targeted households with IGA, alternative livelihood and increased income and capacity enhancement of the communities. The project is working with directly 8500 households in Damurhuda Upazila under Chuadanga district. It is supported by PKSF.<br><br><b>Inclusion of Person with Disabilities in Disaster Risk Management and Livelihood Activities in Bangladesh</b><br>To address the special needs and vulnerabilities of Person with Disability (PWD), WAVE Foundation is implementing the project with a primary focus on their empowerment through income generation for livelihood development. The objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of persons with disabilities in selected communities through income-generating activities, physical rehabilitation measures and disaster risk reduction. Also through these interventions families, communities and local government become sensitized to their specific needs and provide support to them. The project is implemented at Kalapara Upazila of Patukhali District with the support of GIZ.

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