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South Asia Social Forum
South Asia Social Forum
  • Success Story: Ajlema Lights up Her Life and Wins `Golden Talent Award 2011’ by Heifer International

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WAVE Barta-3rd Issue-July 2015

Microfinance and Women Empowerment: Measuring the Access and Control over Loan Use and Resources

Great Story for Golden Talent Award 2014_WF

A Study on Black Bengal Goat 2014


- Click image for detail about Dr. Mahabub Hossain Click image for more detail Click image for more detail Democratic Decentralization Convention Click image for more information. Click image for more information. Wishing You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 Click image for detail about Black Bengal Goat Rearing Proposed WAVE Foundation Bhaban

WAVE Foundation is a civil society organization established in 1990 in Darsana town under Chuadanga district, situated in the south-western part of Bangladesh. WAVE’s main thrust is securing rights of the poor and marginalized, good governance, sustainable livelihood development through promoting people’s participation at all levels of the state and society, accountability, capacity development and access to resources. According to the organization’s policy, special emphasis is given on women’s participation and in building poor people’s capacity towards disaster risk reduction and climate resilience. Networking at various levels and policy advocacy are the important areas of WAVE’s programme implementation approach. Accordingly, campaign, lobbying and policy advocacy activities have been undertaking jointly with the social organization formed at local level and with the national level platforms. At present, WAVE implements different programs, projects under its 3 major Sectors in achieving its goal.


A just and prosperous society


To transform the society towards human dignity, equality, accountability, quality of life and inclusive holistic developmentrosperous society


To improve sustainable livelihood resources, increasing good governance and access to rights and advancing self-reliant community


Learning Sharing from Sapahar UP under Naogaon District
APP Held Roundtable Discussion on ‘World Food Day and International Poverty Eradication Day: Relevancy of Right to Food Act’
A roundtable discussion meeting titled “World Food Day and International Poverty Eradication Day: Rele....

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UNDP-Best Performing Village Courts Award Ceremony 2013
Out of 338 Union Parishads (UP) under Activating Village Courts in Bangladesh –AVCB project areas 36 U....

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Human Chain in the demand of achieving Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goal
Governance Coalition-GC, network of Civil Society Organizations and representatives and Glob....

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